In 2010, Matt Friedman and Brian Szymanski founded SUP Think Tank on their shared beliefs in a principle and a process:

The principle - Need is best identified through participation.

The process - Idea, concept, design, testing, feedback, more design, more testing, more feedback and finally, implementation.

Though our professional backgrounds could be considered worlds apart—a former military operator and a world renowned surfboard and SUP designer—we shared a common tendency to continuously seek out ways to make improvements to both product and process.

We started prone paddling in 1999 then switched to standup paddling in 2007. In 2011, while training for one of our Molokai2Oahu team crossings, we realized something was fundamentally missing from the SUP board transportation equation, and the LiftSUP board handle concept was born. After intensive design, engineering and some of the most rigorous testing available, LiftSUP came to be. It was an immediate industry game changer as the first ever, reinforced, injection molded handle designed specifically for standup paddleboards.

With our passion for paddling and that same, shared directive to find improvement in product and process, we turned our attention to the paddle experience on the water. We then created ConnexSUP, an on-board, universal accessories mounting system. ConnexSUP utilizes an easily installed, standard base with interchangeable inserts compatible with mounting attachments for all kinds of accessories, from cameras to cell phones, waterproof speakers, GPS devices, fishing rods and even a frosty beverage. This system allows the paddler to adapt their board to virtually any kind of paddle experience.

Our creative juices are always flowing but, more importantly, our ears are always open. From our brand partners, to our factories, to the paddlers we meet daily on and off the water, we are constantly consuming ideas, input and feedback on how to make the paddle boarding experience better. This keeps us open and alert to the needs of our awesome paddling community and we look forward to continuing to bring amazing paddling products to market.

We welcome all questions, comments and general inquiries. Drop us an email at or give us a call at +1 (760) 310-4100.

Thanks for visiting our site and exploring our products. Hope to see you on the water!